The Past, Present and Future

  As you all may know, in May 2014, I lost my husband of 30 years, Reed,  to metastatic prostate cancer.  He appeared to be healthy, strong and definitely had a vigor for life. He was only 59.   

I didn't understand why this cancer came into our lives and shattered it.  I wondered what could have we done to avoid his death.  

Reed had never gone to the doctor.  There was no reason according to him.  Finally, at 54 he decided to get a physical and his doctor finally gave him a PSA Test (a blood test used primarily to screen for prostate cancer).    Although, he did not have a family history, that we knew of, his test came back elevated.  Long story short, after treatment, the cancer came back very aggressively and he died almost 5 years later.


That October I decided to start a charity in honor of him and to create awareness of this disease and how important it is for men to go to their doctor and get their physicals and PSA Tests.  

I worked EVERYDAY 12 hours a day.  Phone calls, emails, visiting almost 150 sponsors.  Walked Every boat in South Florida.   Sometimes even when I was out for dinner, I would talk to total strangers about the charity and it's mission.  Most men were very grateful and some even went to their doctors afterwards.  Some even found out they had an elevated PSA.


ANGLERS FOR THE CURE was founded to create AWARENESS.  That this disease is not an old man's disease. That it's not always easily curable.  That this disease can effect any man.  That early detection is key to a long life. That if it's not caught early longevity of life can be short and brutal. 

THAT'S WHY IN 2017 AND 2018 DURING THE CAPTAINS MEETING, WE PROVIDED THE MEN THAT WERE PRESENT COULD HAVE A COMPLIMENTARY PSA SCREENING.  We actually had two men discover that they had prostate cancer if it were not for that day.



At the 2018 event, I decided that the event had lost it's focus.  It had become bigger than ever but all because of the cash and prizes.   I know that there were many there that appreciated what I had done.  Thank you.

I again went to Washington, D.C. with another 200 advocates of prostate cancer and asked for more funding for research.  We got it!  Another $10 Million,  now up to $110 Million in fund for prostate cancer research.

I need to take some time to take care of myself.  My health was neglected, my home life and now with my elderly mother, I need to take a break.

Anglers For The Cure will be reorganized and probably renamed.  It will be a foundation for all demographics of men and for their families.  It will be a foundation for information on the newest technology, treatments, medications, and if possible financial assistance.  


One day we will have different events... Golf tournaments, Walk/Run, Picnic in the Park, and maybe a  ishing tournament i.e. Sailfish, Dolphin but it will definitely be focusing on our mission.  We will try to provide the blood tests at the events for those that want to participate.

I will keep you posted.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to take care of my health, spirit, homelife and family.

And I hope all of you do the same.  

Thanks again to all my supporters, sponsors and my awesome volunteers.  

Tight Lines!


Could not have done it without these sponsors

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