When Adriana first approached my wife and I and explained she was doing a tournament to get the word out about prostate cancer and the need for early testing, we knew we wanted to participate.  This is a great tournament for an even greater cause.

We are proud to say that our Jr. Angler, Justin Kung,  won in 2015 and 2016 



John Weger

Reel Fun II

I met Adriana at a event last spring, heard her story about her husband's battle with prostate cancer and said to myself that we (Gill Media Inc.) had to be a part .   We spoke briefly about what I could provide and the rest is history.


Adriana is the most outgoing enthusiastic tournament director I have ever worked with. She wants her event to be the best and her story to be heard!! What she has accomplished in a short 2 year span is remarkable. This year's Anglers For The Cure event was perfect , from the beautiful venue at Rybovich Superyacht Marina to the captains' meeting party and the awards dinner Saturday afternoon. All the sponsors should be proud of the work Adriana and her staff of volunteers have done


I was glad not only donate to the event, but was able to work the weigh in with my good friends Andy & Mary Flack. The weather was perfect for both days and we were lucky to see some hefty fish brought to the scales on Saturday. Everyone I spoke to had a amazing weekend, even my son Chase won the Junior Angler title.


The event doubled its entries from 33 boats in 2015 to 67 in 2016.  The event raised thousands for a cause that all men should be aware of, Prostate Cancer (PSA Screening).

Adriana's message is getting out. If detected early enough, it can be treated and save your life.


I didn’t have the test last year but just scheduled my appointment for later this month.

Thanks Adriana for what you do for all MANKIND!!!!



Best Regards 
Gill Strelec Jr.

Gill Media Inc.


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